Message from CEO

SMS has put forward as its corporate mission “We create values and contribute to society by providing an information infrastructure for an aging society”. Marketing segments required by the aging society are defined as Nursing care, Medical care, Career, Healthcare, Senior life and Global, and we are aiming at achieving the lively well-being of those associated to the aging society through the introduction of information and services.

Japan’s ratio of seniors already exceeds 25%, and the country has become an ultra-aging society. The producing population is declining, and medical expenses and nursing care paid benefits continue to rise. Under these circumstances, businesses related to the aging society is one of only a few in Japan with high growth potential, and growing interest amongst people and companies.

Then regarding information related to the aging society, for example nursing and medical care, the information tends to be highly specialized, and demand to obtain accurate information easily is rising even further, which presents a huge business opportunity.

Given such a social background, we believe the “information infrastructure for an aging society” put forward in our corporate mission will become a major industry such as automobile and electrical machines.
In order to create an “information infrastructure industry for an aging society”, we are providing various types of information and numerous services to those associated to the aging society, and by connecting these people organically, people conducting business and those working in the aging society can work vigorously, and by doing so seniors and their families can enjoy the lively well-being, and we are working towards realization of this kind of society.

Based on this concept, since its inception in 2003, we have developed and operated numerous services. Going forward, aiming at creation of the “information infrastructure industry for an aging society” and in order to realize the lively well-being of those associated to the aging society, our Group employees are united in striving to reach these objectives.

Natsuki Goto
Chief Executive Officer