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Basic Policy and Management Structure

SMS Group Corporate Governance Basic Approach

 Based on the Group mission of "We aim to improve the quality of life by providing information infrastructure for aging society", SMS strives to achieve sustainable growth and increase its corporate value over the long term by providing values to all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities. The markets for elderly care, medical care, healthcare, and senior life, which are the business domains of SMS, are growing at an accelerating pace and changing rapidly. Therefore, it is crucial that the Company makes swift and decisive management decisions. At the same time, it is essential to build a sound management system with transparency and fairness that earns the trust of all stakeholders.

 Corporate governance is a framework for achieving transparent, fair, swift, and decisive decision-making of management. The Company believes that it is important to ensure effective corporate governance in order to realize the Group mission and increase its corporate value.

Corporate Governance Report (Japanese)(Last updated June 19, 2019)