Stock Splits

Policy regarding
stock splits

Until now the Company has implemented stock splits on multiple occasions.
The purpose of implementing stock splits is to lower the minimum investment required to make it easier for more investors to purchase the Company’s shares, thereby increasing the number of shareholders.
Going forward the Company will implement stock splits as required, with a view toward expanding the investor base of shareholders.

Date Implemented Split Ratio Number of Shares Post-Split

(for holding 1 share going public)
July 1, 2018 1:2 4,800
January 1, 2015 1:2 2,400
April 1, 2013 1:200 1,200
October 1, 2009 1:2 6
October 1, 2008 1:3 3

Note: along with the stock split on April 1, 2013, the minimum trading lot was set to 100 shares.