Dividend Policy

Dividend Policy

Against the backdrop of demographics and rising social interest, a huge business opportunity exists in the market for an “information infrastructure for an aging society” in which the Company is involved. The Company intends to create many different services to meet the ever-increasing needs for information, and going forward plans to continue to invest in order to create new services.

Therefore, the Company has set dividend policy as follows.
“The Company will determine whether to implement dividends, and the number of times and amount of dividends, while prioritizing investment in growth, and taking into consideration financial conditions.”

Moreover, since its inception, the Company has continued to achieve growth in sales and profits, and believes similar growth can be achieved going forward.

In addition, the Company recognizes the importance of rebates to shareholders who are important stakeholders, and since commencing dividends, the Company has made steady and definite increases in both the amount of dividends and dividend payout.

Going forward as growth continues further, the Company plans to expand rebates to shareholders.

Trend of Actual Dividends


*:Amount of dividends are calculated on the assumption that past stock splits apply to all fiscal years.