HR Vision

We seek to be “Professionals”
who embrace “Passion” and “Sincerity”.

SMS believes that in order to “contribute to society” put forward in its corporate mission,

building a “strong and good organization” where it can survive and continue to provide services is essential.

We believe that basis for this “strong and good organization” is that “people are the Company’s greatest asset”,

and has established an HR Vision toward realization of the corporate mission.

This is a set of value criteria for how we ourselves want to be, and how we want our fellow colleagues to be.


Take actions with a strong passion to achieve the corporate mission and vision,
and by doing so grow as an individual.

We don’t believe that passion simply means “wanting to grow as an individual” or “wanting to contribute to society”.

We believe that passion means taking actions toward realization of the corporate mission and vision, and having a strong will to achieve.


Take actions with a humble attitude, while having not only one’s personal interests,
but also a strong will to grow together with fellow colleagues and all stakeholders.

Sincerity means taking actions not only in one’s own personal interests, but taking actions by which one can be proud relative to all of society.
Then having a high sense of ethics, observing laws and company rules goes without saying, and taking pleasure in the growth of others and maintaining a humble attitude are also included.


Led by value creation, pursuit of one’s own reason for existence
and continuing to deliver the highest level of results.

We believe that professional means taking actions, improving and innovating, advancing one’s self-learning, challenging under one’s best conditions, and turning out the highest level of results within the scope of what can be expected for one’s work.