Top Message

CEO Natsuki Goto

We greatly appreciate the continuous support of our investors and shareholders.

Japan has already become an ultra-aging society, and as the producing population declines going forward, business related to the aging society is one area of only a few in Japan with high growth potential, and interest amongst people and companies is rising. Also, information related to the aging society, for example regarding nursing and medical care, tends to be highly specialized, and demand to obtain accurate information easily is rising even further, which presents a huge business opportunity.

Given such a social background, SMS believes an “information infrastructure for an aging society” put forward in its corporate missionwill become a major industry such as automobiles and electronics.

Since our inception in 2003, we have aggressively developed and operated numerous services, and continued to achieve growth in net sales and incomes. Amongst these, the business portfolio includes many services such as the No. 1 service in the industry for nurse recruitment and operational management support systems for small and medium-sized nursing care operators, and stable growth can be expected going forward. At the same time in order to capture the huge business opportunity,we will continue aggressive business development as in the past from a long-term perspective.

While fulfilling our responsibility as a listed company for sustainable growth, by continuing to conduct aggressive business development like a venture capital firm, we will strive for creation of an “information infrastructure industry for an aging society” and contribution to the lively well-being of those associated to the aging society.

We thank shareholders and investors for your continuing support.

Natsuki Goto
Chief Executive Officer