Our Mission

We create values and contribute to society by providing
an “information infrastructure for an aging society”.

Currently, Japan is faced with a rapidly aging population and rising costs in social security.
Demand in medical and nursing care is setting in overseas as well, driven by economic development and an aging global population.
On the other hand, the field of aging society—including nursing and medical care—is susceptible to information asymmetry,
since such information is highly specialized.
Hence, there has been a surge in demand to access effective and dependable information,
and this is generating a multitude of business opportunities.

SMS provides various services that evolve around information targeting the aging society.
By creating an information infrastructure,
we aim to support and enrich the lives of those associated to the aging society,
and thereby contribute to realizing a better society.

Definition of

“Aging Society”

We define the marketing segments serving the aging society as Nursing care, Medical care, Career, Healthcare and Senior life.
We believe these five marketing segments can be applied in the global market as well as in Japan.
These marketing segments can generate synergistic effects as they are all interconnected.

Also, there are plenty of business opportunities as demand for information is rising.

In response to this rising demand, we will focus on the five marketing segments to create a wide array of services in a timely manner.


Definition of
“Information Infrastructure”

We define “information infrastructure” as a system that connects those associated to the aging society by leveraging on information.
Against the backdrop of the rising demand for information in the field of an aging society, we provide a variety of information to our clients through services based on wide array of business models.

By providing information, we can connect those in the aging society, and create an information infrastructure.
Through this information infrastructure, we aim to realize a society that enriches the lives of those associated to the aging society, e.g., professionals, service operators, seniors themselves and their families.