Director Remuneration

Total amount of remuneration by director classification, types of remuneration and number of eligible directors

Total remuneration for Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members is shown in the table below (actual results for FY3/17).

Director Classification Total Amount (thousand JPY) Total Amount by Type (thousand JPY) Number eligible (persons)
Basic Salary Stock Options  Bonus   Retirement Benefits
(excl outside)
126,015 94,030 31,985 4
Audit & Supervisory Board Members
(excl outside)
2,100 2,100 1
Outside Directors 17,650 17,650 4

※ As of June 24, 2016, the Company has transitioned from a company with a Board of Corporate Auditors to one with an Audit & Supervisory Committee. The “Audit & Supervisory Board Members” in the table above regards to the period before the transition.

Policy with respect to decision and calculation method for the amount of Directors’ remuneration and decision method

Limits on the amount of remuneration were established at the Company’s 13th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 24, 2016, set at an annual amount of 200 Million JPY for Directors who are not Audit & Supervisory Committee members including monthly remuneration and stock options, and 100 Million JPY for Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members. The Company determines Directors’ compensation within the aforementioned limits approved by shareholders at the AGM.

Regarding individual remuneration for Directors who are not Audit & Supervisory Committee members, in addition to earnings results of the Company, achievements of the individual, degree of contribution to earnings results and role and responsibility to be assumed going forward are all taken into consideration in making the decision. It should be noted that regarding the decision method, for financial compensation, after receiving a recommendation by the Board of Directors, based on the aforementioned policy is decided by the Representative Director, and for subscription rights to shares, are decided by the Board of Directors. Individual remuneration for Directors who are Audit & Supervisory Committee Members is determined by mutual agreement amongst them.